Independent Saddle Fitter for Florida


Louise and Easter

We are independent Saddle fitters and we do not work with any one brand, so can provide you with a completely un-bias opinion on your current saddle fit, or provide advice on the correct brand, style and type of saddle that will suit both your horse and you the rider.  The aim is not to sell you a saddle but to try and make sure that the saddle you are currently using is fitting both you and your horse well, but failing that we can provide information on the correct saddle for you both.

We will visit you at your barn to do a full evaluation on your current saddle fit .  If your current saddle is not quite working we will be able  advise you on how the situation can be improved through flocking which can be done on-site or through the use of  different saddle pads, shims and inserts.

If your saddle just needs reflocking, this can be performed right at your stable.  Ideally a saddle should be looked at and adjusted (if necessary) twice per year. But realistically 8-12 months for the happy hacker, the more professional and competitive riders should get their saddles checked every 4-6 months.


Louise is also a Certified Equine Massage Therapist.  Massage is the manuipulation of the soft tissues of the body including muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments.  Bodywork is essential to help achieve proper drainage, relaxation/stimulaton, as well as relieve muscle tension and spasms to encourage and give back the limb/muscle full range of motion.

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"Just wanted to thank you again for coming out to me.  I think you did a very thorough, professional job..."